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TibiaScape Rules

Server Rules

In order to provide fair and fun gameplay for everyone we created a set of Game Rules.

  1. Cheating
    1. Bug abuse:
    2. Players are obliged to report any encountered bug or error in the Game, Website or any other of our Services. Exploiting errors, especially but not exclusively to gain advantage over other Players, is strictly forbidden.

    3. Game weakness abuse
    4. Players are obliged not to exploit features that do not necessarily arise from a software bug but are obviously not intended to be abused this way. E.g. even though it is intended that characters can walk over each other, it should not be used for blocking access to certain areas in a way that other Players have no technical possibility to overcome.

    5. Macro use
    6. Players must not use any kind of automation while they play TibiaScape. That includes, but is not limited to, recording and repetitively playing mouse movements or key strokes, both on software or hardware level. All in-game actions must be performed manually by the Player.

    7. Using unofficial software to play
    8. Players have to play the Game by themselves without any help or involvement of any other than the official software in its currently supported version. Such involvements include, but are not limited to, manipulating the game Client, modifying its files, using any other software to connect to the game server, using additional tools to execute in-game actions or sophisticated programs to play the Game (e.g. "bots").

    9. Hacking
    10. Attempting to steal other Players' account data, personal data, or any other sensitive data is strictly forbidden. That includes, but is not limited to, spreading links meant to trick other Players into submitting their credentials or downloading malicious software, or attempting to brute-force access to any Services.

    11. Multi-clienting
    12. Each Player can only have one character online. The number of the used Clients, devices or network addresses is irrelevant — one Player must simply not keep more than one character online.

  2. Statements
    1. Offensive statements
    2. Spamming
    3. Real money advertisements
    4. Advertisements not related to the game
    5. Non-English and off-topic public statements
    6. Inciting rule violation
  3. Names
    1. Offensive name
    2. Invalid name format
    3. Name not describing person
    4. Name inciting rule violation
    5. Name to fake official position
  4. Gamemasters
    1. Threatening Gamemaster
    2. Pretending to have official position or to have influence over Gamemaster
    3. False report to Gamemaster
  5. Excessive unjustified player killing
  6. Spoiling house auction
  7. Destructive behavior
  8. Racism or Racist Slurs
  9. Non-PvP Abuse
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