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Server Rules

In order to provide fair and fun gameplay for everyone we created a set of Game Rules which if not followed, may result in permanent banishment from our services.

  1. Cheating
    1. Bug abusing:
    2. Players are not allowed to use any 'bugs' that is clearly a broken game mechanic that gives you an advantage. If you are unsure, always ask a staff member first.

    3. Cheating
    4. Players are not allowed to use any type of ('macro'), ('bot'), ('tasker') or any other type of ('software') to automate your gameplay, included dropping a stone on your keyboard to press a key, is not allowed.

    5. Multi-clienting
    6. Each Human/Player can only have 2 characters online per server.

    7. Violation Rules
    8. Breaking any of the above rules will result in ban.

  2. Offensive Statements
    1. Racism
    2. Naturally, statements made to insult or mock a certain country or its inhabitants are not tolerated in TibiaScape. The same goes ofcourse calling out racist or homophobic slurs against others or a certain nation or ethnic groups

    3. Spamming
    4. You are not allowed to spam irrelevancy.

    5. Illegal Trading
    6. You are not allowed to trade characters, accounts, items for real money in TibiaScape or in TibiaScape discord. If an account is sold outside of TibiaScape's Game/Discord, we do not offer any support in this case if that account is associated with history of cheating, or if that account is hacked. However, you are allowed to advertise your Item and Character Bazaar auctions in our trade channels in our discord and in-game, if its active, you may link it directly to promote that specific active auction. You are not allowed to ask to buy points or characters or items for real money from other players.

    7. Illegal Advertisement
    8. You are not allowed to advertise anything not related to TibiaScape in-game or in our Discord (eg. other server launches, special offers etc)

  3. Names
    1. Offensive Names that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable is not allowed. May result in ban.

    2. Name Containing forbidden advertising is not allowed

    3. Unsuitable Name, that express religious or political views, TibiaScape staff members is not allowed

    4. Names Supporting Rule Violation, is not allowed.

  4. TibiaScape
    1. Pretending to have influence of TibiaScape Staff
    2. You must not, at any time, pretend to be a member of the TibiaScape team or to have their legitimation or powers, particularly if done to threaten or trick other players..

    3. Slandering or Agitating against TibiaScape
    4. Publishing clearly wrong information or hate towards our service, trying to start boycotts against our server will not be tolerated and may lead to a punishment of your account.

    5. False report to Gamemaster
    6. A ticket system has been made inside our game-client CTRL+R, abuse of this will or may lead to temporarly or permanent banishment, if no evidence is enough to be provided within your report.

  5. Destructive behavior
    1. We reserve the right to stop any inappropriate behavior that was not mentioned specifically, especially actions intended to harm TibiaScape and/or its Gamemasters, Staff, or violating the law.

    2. Hacking
    3. Stealing other Players' account data, personal data, or TibiaScape Accounts or any other sensitive data is strictly forbidden. That includes, but is not limited to, spreading links meant to trick other Players into submitting their credentials or downloading malicious software, or attempting to brute-force access to any Services.

  6. Non-PvP Abuse
    1. If you choose to play No-PvP you also choose to play fair, players who choose to play No-PvP does not want to deal with stolen lootbags, luring of monsters and other types of situations were your only harassing and trolling the players. Treat eachother with respect.

  7. Disclaimer for Rule Violations or any type of Toxic Behaviour
    1. The Staff of TibiaScape (eg. Admins or Gamemasters) have the right to ban anyone for any reason not following the rules above or seen in reports or live that their behaviour is not appropiate for the server and Staff does have the right to ban anyone even if reason not specified above temporarly or permanently.