TibiaScape is a custom server with many unique features, experience a fully working automatic bestiary in a 7.4-inspired environment which tracks your characters kills from the very beginning. We use best updates made to clients up to 7.7 and sometimes using graphics from above but all in favor to make it work for the 7.4 which we very much loved. There is many new custom spawns to explore in TibiaScape.

We want TibiaScape to be nostalgic but at the same time a new experience which is why we have added so many new great features this time around. The passion to the game
is always going to be about the 7.4 era, for performance and graphic the
obvious choice is the 7.7 engine.

The Mystic Ore is a high risk and high reward gamble on your precious items which give players a chance to obtain items that has never existed before. Many custom raids, even black skull monsters will always keep you on the edge when exploring. We have removed the "click chest quest get reward-meta" so don't expect to get free upgrades, on TibiaScape players have to hunt to earn the best items.

TibiaScape is a RP-PVP PvE Server.

Updates and announcements will be on our discord