New vocations


faster attack speed
can only use arrows and burst arrows

Available Instant Spells
Same spells as paladin except conjure bolt

Available Runes
Same runes as paladin


Rookgaard on Mainland

Available Instant Spells
Find Person, Light, Light Healing, Magic Rope, Antidote, Levitate, Haste

Mystic Ore is leaving early access and release 1.0 is here

Mystic Ore is a type of item upgrade system which gives player the a way to customize and SLAM attributes on your equipment. For example you have the chance to change the attack, defense and armor values on on all the items. Here is a list on what you can get on any of the items: Mystic Ore Slam Table

With the release of 1.0 here is a few changes to the legacy system:
- Mystic Ore can now roll a negative effect on your item
- Mystic Ore break channce and no effect is is now reduced to combined 12.5%
- Permanent Mana Shield Condition on Platinum Amulet possible
Gain +/- Magic Level on Ring of The Sky.
- Feral Ghoul in the New World now have a small chance to drop Platinum Amulet
- You are able to increase damage on your distance weapons (ex. crossbow +1)

You can improve your item endlessly or until it breaks.

Eremo provide players with character bound runes every 4 hours.
Get a Tibia Watch in-game to keep track of time when hunting

Reminder to check out some new spawns, just to mention a few.
You find many extensions to spawns so keep exploring.

New vocations


very slow shield skill gain
faster attack speed
lower hp total per level (15) -> (10)
slightly lower HP regen (4) -> (6)
exori ico spell from level 8 for 20 mana

Available Instant Spells
Find Person, Light, Magic Rope, Antidote, Levitate, Great Light, Haste, Brutal Strike


able to summon 3 creatures total
summons follow player up and down elevation automatically
mage regeneration
slower magic fighting skill gain
slower magic level gain
utevo res available from level 8 (free spell for druid sorcerer also)
Temporary wand (buy wand of plague from Xodet for 1000 gold)

Available Instant Spells
Find Person, Light, Light Healing, Magic Rope, Antidote, Intense Healing, Levitate
Great Light, Magic Shield, Haste, Ultimate Healing, Strong Haste, Creature Illusion
Summon Creature, Ultimate Light, Invisible

Available Conjure Spells
Fire Missile, Heavy Magic Missile, Fireball, Great Fireball, Explosion, Convince Creature, Destroy Field, Desintegrate