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27 November 2020 (17:33) by - Quest Changes Rook & Mainland on Permadeath server.


Rapier > Sword
Doublet > Studded Armor
Torch > Copper Shield


Noble Armor Quest:
- 7 life rings, 1 C-helm and Noble armor

Banshee Quest
Giant Sword, Boots of Haste, Tower Shield, 30k, Stealth Ring, 3x BP UH's

Behemoth Quest
8x Ring of Healing
300x Power Bolts
3x Crystal Coins
2x BP Explosion
2x BP SD
1x BP GFB 1x BP Fire Bomb
Platinum Amulet
Golden Armor
Demon Shield

Vampire Shield Quest
Dragon Lance
Vampire Shield
Added 3x BP SD
Added 5x BP Explosion

Necromancer Quest
Blue Robe
Skull Staff
1x BP Explosion
1x BP UH
1x BP SD
100 Platinum Coins
Ring of Healing

Fire Axe Quest
Fire Axe
300 Fire Mushrooms

Crusader Helmet Quest
Crusader Helmet
5x BP UH's added

27 November 2020 (13:55) by - Server registration & Updates

TIBIA HARDCORE SERVER 27th November, 17:00 CET

Server registration opens 15:00 CET

At level 200: Character will be enabled for PVP. From level 1-199 there is NO-PVP between players. You are protected.

Elite Knights: +20% melee damage, 1hp/1sec 1mana/4sec

Royal Paladins: Conjure Powerbolt same as Conjure Bolt now in terms of mana and cost value.

Elder Druids: Poison Storm (instant damage (-50% damage compared to UE) 1hp/4sec 1mana/1sec

Master Sorcerers: 1hp/4sec 1mana/1sec

Enchant staff: level 30, 2 hours uptime, 100 damage (20 dmg variable), 10 mana per shot.

Announced deaths after level 20 server-wide. (Player (level: X) was killed by Monster/Player

RUNES AVAILABLE IN SHOP (Xodet etc) (say: spell runes) There will be customized spawns to explore at higher level, Orshabaal, Black Demons, Bazir for the best teams and other crazy shit to look after for the best loot in the game. Stay tuned for last minute changes

19 November 2020 (11:02) by - TibiaScape Event

From the looks of things gates will be open next Friday 27th of November. It will be an ongoing event for 30 days. It's going to be awesome in many ways!

Some info about the server rules:
Experience: Experience:
1-19 60x
20-50 50x
51-80 35x
81-100 25x
101-120 20x
121-150 10x
151-180 6x
181-200 4x
201-250 3x
251-350 2x
351- 1x

(half experience table aswell, 2200 exp for level 8)
Loot: 3x
Magic: 4x
Skills: 20x
Location: UK
Spawnrate: Fast!

Permanent Death - If you die on your character, the character will be reset to level 1, you will also loose the gear that you carry on that character. Your items in your house or depot will be saved on that character, so you can save up reserve gear if the inevitable would occur.
Raids: More frequently and some custom ones (not one shot raids)
Runes: will be available in shop so no need to have makers to make runes, its just slam time!
The server will be a no-pvp server.
Casino will be closed
a 4 party squad with 4 different vocations earn 100% more experience from monsters (knight, paladin, druid, sorcerer).
You are allowed to have your 2 characters online on Secura at the same time as you are playing during this special event!
The first prize will be a golden crown, 1 backpack filled with 20 bp HMM, 20 bp SD, 20 bp GFB, 20 bp UH and 20 BP fire missiles so a total of 100 backpacks. A 30 days premium voucher to the winner, rewards will be given to a character on Secura. Remember this server is purely for fun, a faster pace, competitive environment and a way for us to try different options in the server settings for the future.
The winner will also be remembered in the lands of TibiaScape as the first event winner out of hopefully many, where the name of the character will be on a memorial added in every city.
Monsters: which I will specify before launch that will have give more experience and loot then others, in this way we can shift the meta and the difficulty setting will not change.
This opens up a lot of options for us where we can customize and try stuff never before in a public environment.
Stay tuned for more info!


14 October 2020 (11:24) by - Patch notes

We decided to rework a few spells which is never used in 7.4 and has a poor design.

"Adori" is now a equal to a Heavy Magic Missile and shoots fire.

"Conjure Power Bolt" is now 140 mana for 6 bolts

"Enchant Staff" will be reworked to give mages a ranged wand that shoots lightning for a limited duration.

"Intense Healing Rune" is now a healing overtime spell that ticks for 30 seconds and stacks the time if you use more then one at the same time.

"!leavehouse" command is now active if you want to manually leave a house that you have bought

01 October 2020 (18:52) by - Chapter 3: Arnold

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