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19 Jul 2022 -
New Server Save at: 03:45 UTC / 05:45 CET  

New Server Save at: 03:45 UTC / 05:45 CET


11 Jul 2022 -
Hotfix on skeleton bags  

Hotfix on skeleton bags


5 Jul 2022 -
Small client update in preparation to the next bigger one  

Small client update in preparation to the next bigger one


1 Jul 2022 -
Delayed server save to 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET today  

Delayed server save to 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET today


30 Jun 2022 -
New Spawns and Balancing  

New Spawns and Balancing


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28.7.2022 -
Author: Frank Farmer

Patch Notes
+ You now loose mastery points when loosing a level after death
+ Fixed an issue where field-runes could be used to abuse non-pvp players
+ Monsters should have faster reaction now when spotting a player on screen/stairhoping
+ The Bank NPC is now back on rookgaard, you may not send money between main / rookgaard characters.
+ The Spawn of Monsters now decrease and scales with more players online
+ Containers now saves height and location when logging in
+ There is now a lock for inventory module
+ When buying items, now the slider at NPC's is reset to 1 when changing items in the list
+ You may now activate experience share even if you have pz
+ You can now check if players are non-pvp or pvp enabled when looking through battle list
+ Letters now show (xx seconds ago, minutes, hours, years ago) when last written
+ Postman Mission 7-8 should now be fixed, contact tutor or staff if you are stuck on this mission
+ Power Ring now is the new "Distance Ring" which gives +10 distance fighting (item namechange later)
+ Wyrm loot has now been slightly increased
+ Brengus in Port Hope now buy some jungle items
+ Sword rings can now be dropped by more monsters
+ More map bugs reported with ctrl+z has been fixed, thank you!
+ Cape now weight less (32.oz -> 8.oz)


17.7.2022 -
Elite Monsters
Author: Frank Farmer

As some of you know, we had plans to add stronger versions of monsters (elite monsters) but has held back on this for the server to grow in strength. But after the latest Server Save. You can expect a few low tier monsters to show up this upcoming week. We are going to start rolling out this feature (in small portions) very slowly and scale it up to the strongest of monsters the next upcoming weeks. You can notice if the creature has more strength by its indication (black skull).

These creatures will wield better loot, more experience, higher chance to drop mystic ores and have some unusual abilities.

They will also be rare encounters, nothing you will see very often.


15.7.2022 -
Welcome to the Jungle!
Author: Frank Farmer

Port Hope is now accessible

Port Hope TibiaScape


Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online