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28.7.2022 -
Author: Frank Farmer

Patch Notes
+ You now loose mastery points when loosing a level after death
+ Fixed an issue where field-runes could be used to abuse non-pvp players
+ Monsters should have faster reaction now when spotting a player on screen/stairhoping
+ The Bank NPC is now back on rookgaard, you may not send money between main / rookgaard characters.
+ The Spawn of Monsters now decrease and scales with more players online
+ Containers now saves height and location when logging in
+ There is now a lock for inventory module
+ When buying items, now the slider at NPC's is reset to 1 when changing items in the list
+ You may now activate experience share even if you have pz
+ You can now check if players are non-pvp or pvp enabled when looking through battle list
+ Letters now show (xx seconds ago, minutes, hours, years ago) when last written
+ Postman Mission 7-8 should now be fixed, contact tutor or staff if you are stuck on this mission
+ Power Ring now is the new "Distance Ring" which gives +10 distance fighting (item namechange later)
+ Wyrm loot has now been slightly increased
+ Brengus in Port Hope now buy some jungle items
+ Sword rings can now be dropped by more monsters
+ More map bugs reported with ctrl+z has been fixed, thank you!
+ Cape now weight less (32.oz -> 8.oz)


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