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1.7.2022 -
Author: Farmer

Today we had to do some hotfixes to the pvp and frag system. Big thanks to the PvP community sending feedback for the current situation.

- You now loose frags every 24 hours if ONLINE or OFFLINE. Check frags with !frags or !kills
- The most damage killer now get the unjustified killer even if last hit is made by (eg. rotworm)
- Red Skull still remains at 3 frags
- You may not block with Pots until its fixed properly.
- New formula improved when attacked in unjustfights (5 players vs 1) for example. PvP Community will have to adapt and change their strategies.
- 2x Death formula remains on all deaths, for all players in any situations (no changes made). You can fight forever.
- We added Mana Drain Resistance and Life Drain Resistance to attributes on Armors
- Normal haste has had its time set to 33 seconds and Strong Haste speed effect is now more effective (faster).

These changes are final. Adapt and Overcome! This is what everyone wants.

Since launch we have banned over 300 accounts testing our tools, it has seemed to be effective.

We will now start banning cavebots 30 days minimum into permanently (if previous criminal record). You've had 2 weeks to become reformed.
Other rule violations is set at a minimum of 7 days where minor set to 3 days. (will ramp up continuous rule violations)

Read more:

We expect respect between the PvP and N-PvP community, each situation will be handled individually. Don't abuse CTRL+R to report nonsense.

Thank you for playing, amazing community overall! We get alot of love from you guys!


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