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21 Jun 2022 -
Client and Server update released  

Client and Server update released


19 Jun 2022 -
House Auction has been available for players  

House Auction has been available for players


18 Jun 2022 -
Fixed some issues with promotion, shop offers and premium account.  

Fixed some issues with promotion, shop offers and premium account.


17 Jun 2022 -
Server Started Succesfully      

Server Started Succesfully




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24.6.2022 -
New Addon NPC's available
Author: Farmer

You now have access to new NPC's in Rookgaard, Thais, Carlin and Venore depots.

The first addons available is the Citizen, Hunter, Mage and Knight outfit.

Let the collection begin!

Addons for TibiaScape


You may look forward to other available outfits and addons in the future!


21.6.2022 -
First major patch since launch
Author: Farmer

Some of these changes are applied after server save and some directly when updating your client.

- Premium days shows correctly in character list
- Containers now finds a new panel if full instead of falling into infinity
- Item swapping (rings, amulets etc.) when walking (no delay when moving items)
- You can now replace items from ground to inventory without having to put item into backpack first
- You can no longer rope if something is on the rope spot
- You can no longer use shovel if field items blocking the hole (need to use destroy field first)
- You should now be able to ask spells NPC for magic level which tells you what spells to learn
- New Talk Action available for players (eg. !frags & !kills), clarification is 3 frags for red skull where 1 frag decay every 24 hours, 0 frags removes red skull.
- You may no longer attack players with runes through the battle list
- Scarab spamming with Shovel on sand has now a delay matching the servers spawn time
- You can now look on items in trade with NPC's properly
- Rarity stats now shows up when safe trading with other players
- Most of the reported map bugs has been fixed
- You can no longer attack someone with skull and run into protection zone
- Removed Market & Mailbox from Rookgaard



19.6.2022 -
Rarity runes from monsters
Author: Farmer

Rarity Runes

As promised, features are being rolled out after monitoring a stable server environment.

As with items, the runes have a chance to drop now from monsters and can roll rarity which increases their charges. The runes that you won't use, can be sold in the market module in the depots between players.

In the next few days we're releasing the addon system for you to start collecting towards, the creature products are already being dropped which you can save, but you soon have a place to turn them in as well and earn your favourite look!

Stay tuned!



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