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29 Sep 2022 -
Planned maintenance start: 2022-09-29 08:00:00 EDT - Planned maintenance end: 2022-09-29 14:00:00...

Planned maintenance start: 2022-09-29 08:00:00 EDT - Planned maintenance end: 2022-09-29 14:00:00 EDT during this time, server will be offline.



21 Aug 2022 -
Currently experiencing some problems with status server [Online/Offline] counter. Hopefully fixed...

Currently experiencing some problems with status server [Online/Offline] counter. Hopefully fixed after tomorrow server save. Use otservlist to check online numbers for now until issue with website is fixed.


19 Jul 2022 -
New Server Save at: 03:45 UTC / 05:45 CET  

New Server Save at: 03:45 UTC / 05:45 CET


11 Jul 2022 -
Hotfix on skeleton bags  

Hotfix on skeleton bags


5 Jul 2022 -
Small client update in preparation to the next bigger one  

Small client update in preparation to the next bigger one


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24.9.2022 -
Minor Update
Author: Frank Farmer

The following updates has been added recently before the big update that should deploy within the next days:

  • faster default respawn time for creatures (approx. 25% faster)
  • knights taunt and berserk ability been buffed (bigger aoe for taunt and higher dmg for exori)
  • warlocks been nerfed, no longer apply skill debuffs
  • attributes with higher rarity now has minimum values increased (higher rarity should be incentivized to be used as is, without additional gamble)
  • rashid sell some more stuff (titan axe, modified crossbows etc and some other things)
  • energy arrows now drop more frequently from massive energy elementals

    whats coming
    - further balance changes to paladins
    - new solo dungeon and team dungeon
    - dungeon bug fixes for example spell power
    - new spawns
    - goroma + islands and ferumbras tower
    - able to transfer a PVP character to PVE (no-pvp) paid option.
    - hunting analyzer, in-game exp analyzer

Permanent-Death Challenge mode

Is technically available from today, what does it mean? It means that you have the ability to play in a challenge mode, where if you die, your character is deleted. Soon available on the website is a "graveyard" for the characters that reach the highest ranks, there will be two separate high-scores, you wont be shown on the high-score until your character dies, death of a challenge player will be announced on the server. This HC mode is just something we wanted to be part of the future of TibiaScape as an optional experience for those who like to suffer, it will for the extended future always be available as we designed it now for any future server we decide to launch, as again optional playstyle it is not recommend to play it, because as you may now.. your character will be deleted, it is only for 'fun' and for those who wants to create history. A link to the graveyard and podium will soon be available in the list next to highscores. No deaths will be revived, no matter reason you die.



1.9.2022 -
Major Update!
Author: Frank Farmer
We are happy to announce a new content update for TibiaScape which I hope helps you see the true potential in TibiaScape and what content we have in store for the future. We have added this time a dungeon finder, tooltips, better notifications, pathfinding, even a new healing attribute. We worked very hard the past weeks to make this possible, it has been alot of complicated code and many hours of testing. Hopefully with the help of our community you will help us find the bugs we did not find, we also want to ask for feedback, which is important for us to hear what you think. If you like it, be sure to share the good, if something you feel is missing, we have ears to listen for this too. Let me explain now a bit of what we added to make it easier to understand, most likely it will be its own page for dungeons entirely in a few days under "Library" section. Until then i'll briefly go through the update here on the main page.

Now let me explain dungeons here, for now. A special page will be made available soon under Library section.

PvP Skull System/Rules 7.4 has been added !frags or !kills to check
Editable floors in houses (soon available)
+% Healing attribute has been added to items which increases your healing capabilities
Optional tooltips is now available from options/interface in the client
Searchable bestiary module to check which monsters you have killed earlier on this character
Mystic Ore Rarity Notification
Monsters pathfinding should be better
Points Scroll added properly now to be traded between players
Many other bugfixes and glitches fixed

Dungeon Finder

the Dungeon Finder, available for everyone to see at any level.

General Information

Dungeon was never meant to be anything else then additional end game content, we felt there was no reason to add lower level dungeons for many reasons, one of them being to reward the players that reach the higher levels and as you can see this is one of the many dungeons we have in mind. This is a great way for us to introduce new content which requires some dungeons to be ran on the higher levels, for example you can see the "Egg of Many" can be rewarded by the boss in Banuta dungeon, which helps you in the normal banuta dungeon to have access to a shortcut. We also have options to add additionally items which would never be obtained in the game through the dungeon finder. A dungeon works the same way like anything else, the only difference is that all the gold you loot from the monsters are directly sent to bank, otherwise its normal creatures that have the normal drop tables, for example fighting a hydra inside the dungeon is the same like fighting a hydra like you would otherwise. Now what makes this dungeon system interesting is that everytime you finish a dungeon, you unlock a new difficulty for the same dungeon, which applies buffs to the monsters and bosses.

Competitive Ladder

The dungeon finder comes with a competitive ladder for runners which means that the time completition is saved globally for everyone if you are a solo runner or a group, it will be stored and shown to everyone under "Top Solo Runners" and "Top Group Runners". Which creates hopefully a fun layer to the dungeon finder in general, you can rune for time, loot or for fun in different ways.


There will be different challenges and bonus objectives for players to compete inside the dungeon for bonus points.

Queue times and Instance

More instances will be added in time, now its only one banuta dungeon available which affects queue times.

When a player or a group of players enters a dungeon, they are teleported to the dungeon instance which sets other players in queue. In time we will add more instances and maps of the same dungeon, if we see that it is needed, to decrease queue times that is. But this has been made like this to not choke the server with creating instances, also I kinda felt like a queue system was cool. You may not join a dungeon if you have PZ so make sure you're not hunting when in Queue or you might loose your placement.

Leaving a dungeon

On every floor there is a teleporter to leave the dungeon, you can also logout to exit the dungeon or also the third option which is death.


We added a requirement that you need to have amulet of loss equipped, because if you die inside the dungeon as a solo-player then your corpse will be deleted and the dungeon instance will close, which means that if you dont wear an amulet of loss items will be lost forever. Now you can un-equip amulet of loss after entering but that is on your own risk.


Monsters drop gold inside the dungeon, just like normal monsters outside. The difference here is that you don't have to pick it up. It is directly sent to your bank account, we tought this would be a nice addition for those that "run for best time". Other then that they drop items like normal monsters, which you have to decide to pick up if you want to or have capacity for.


Well we can make dungeon raids for up to inifinite amount of players, for example expect some raid instances in the future which will require 20 players minimum where you will be fighting a huge boss with raid mechanics. Also higher level dungeons will be made available for higher levels. The potential of PvE content is endless.

I wrote this just after the patch hit the server, i will improve and explain more in time.

Thank you for playing TibiaScape!







19.8.2022 -
Major Patch!
Author: Frank Farmer

It's been an amazing first 60 days for the server, i'm so happy to see players enjoying the server. It motivates us to keep pumping out the content. So after receving tons of feedback the past weeks, we got some nice things coming out tomorrow server save. I am going to try and list them all here and explain the ones that I think needs explanation.

Some website updates has been announced earlier, so nothing new but its part of this patch so it should be here. The rules page will be updated, important to understand that the rules itself won't change, we will just make it much easier to read. So lets talk:

Bot Detection
Since we launched the server we have been fighting against bots since day 1, strictly tested different ideas and ways to find the bot users. Finally after 60 days of analyzing and banning over 2500 accounts (40 bans per day in average. - 2 bans per hour 24/7) we can say that we have become experts in finding these bots, every week our tools has become better and better. Because its important for us that everyone enjoys the game under the same circumstances and we have worked hard the past 2 months to ban players which has broken the rules. We had a breakthrough not long ago which helped us find those who have been going under the radar for too long, players who have been using bots and cheats to reach the higher levels with an unfair advantage over someone playing without wheelchair assistance. These people who recently got the hammer is very salty and are claiming the server is dying. This is true, its dying from bot users. cool Some of these players who gets banned are shameless in their critics, yes as you may see online numbers in average has gone down a bit past week but for me having over 200 players online with no runemakers and mc is amazing on an 1x server! Thanks again for all players who is gaming right now! We work daily to keep the community clean!

Let's look at some of the content changes we have for tomorrow.

- Streamers page was added to help promote our content creators.
- Insomniacs page was added which is a fun tool to track your own or other players online time.
- Rules page will be updated to make it easier to understand. (the same rules apply, but you won't need a lawyers degree to understand them).

Tibiascape Patch Notes

- Healing spells (exura, exura gran, exura vita) have had a rework, fixed some issues were lesser heals were too strong and runes not healing enough. Now formulas should be more accurate to a more retro version of tibia for good and bad.
- Runes now has a chance to roll higher charges when dropped, for example an ancient rune can now roll up to 100 charges.
- Addons to collect is available for the outfits Noble, Summoner, Warrior and Barbarian Outfit.

- House owners without premium account gets kicked out automatically.
- Light potion is now a Luck potion which increases players luck by +10 for 1 hour (does not stack).
- Regular Fireballs can now be bought from the NPC's
- A new NPC added to Druid Island named Aldamar which sells Paralyze Rune & Wild Growth Rune which can only be used by druids.

- Pits of Inferno shortcut is now working again, which can be used by players that completed Pits of Inferno

- Deeper Banuta is now open, all the floors underneath is ready to be hunted.

- Paladins will have access to a spell called Sharpshooter which increases their distance fighting but decreasing their movespeed. Lasts 20 seconds.
- Knights Blood Rage has been increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds
- Druids exevo gran mas pox is now a mass paralyze spell
- Inqusition Quest is now available for players at higher levels, keep in mind there are some TibiaScape curveballs and difficulty has been modified.

- Demon Hunter outfit is obtainable through Inqusition Quest.
- Mana Fluids and Life Fluids has been changed to the old sprites. Stacking potions will no longer be possible.

tibia mana potion

- Soft Boots can now be repaired at Aldo in Venore.
- Points Scroll has been added to shop
- Banshee less frequent attacks, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Hydra healing nerf, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Warlock, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Serpent spawn, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Crystal spider less frequent attacks, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Beholder less frequent attacks, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Most Pits of Inferno monsters, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Grim Reapers, slightly higher loot value per kill
- Bog Riders less frequent attacks, slightly higher loot value per kill
- More monsters that I probably forgot, expect more juice from alot of creatures.
- !vial command has been added with the new potions which removes the empty vial
- Some new spawns has been added and unlocked for players to explore and find in different areas of the map

Some stuff coming out soon
- Bestiary history to be able to track which monsters you have already killed (more info later)
- An hunting analyzer which shows loot statistics etc for the client (more info later)
- Editable floors for house owners (more info later)
- Bug fixes

Report bugs if you find any associated especially to these patch notes! Thank you!



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