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Guild Information
Zoorpa is guild leader of Villains.
The guild was founded on TibiaScape on 22 June 2022.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
Xenjih (Gabo)
Royal Paladin 56 Online
Zoorpa (Plixua)
Royal Paladin 58 Offline
a Member
Azog (Kasel)
Elite Knight 58 Offline
Baccs (Nao dou sio)
Druid 26 Offline
Paladin 34 Offline
Bruninhow (Loko)
Knight 35 Online
Royal Paladin 39 Offline
Elite Knight 45 Offline
Elder Druid 65 Offline
Paladin 40 Offline
Factor Mud (Fraud)
Master Sorcerer 24 Offline
Master Sorcerer 33 Offline
Lachito (Cantante Alegre)
Royal Paladin 33 Offline
Paladin 25 Offline
Luisiux (Mex)
Knight 40 Online
Noffx (Hands of Doom)
Paladin 19 Offline
Master Sorcerer 38 Offline
Master Sorcerer 37 Offline
Parabellum (Bruninhow Loko)
Master Sorcerer 29 Offline
Terrorking Soldier (Viejo Lesbiano)
Master Sorcerer 39 Online
Tufifty (Aka Drex)
Royal Paladin 68 Offline
Twitch Alexsandroxl
Elite Knight 61 Offline
Elite Knight 50 Offline
Plvs Vltra
Bear Market (Shiory)
Master Sorcerer 31 Offline
Bfz Boom Boom (Macaco)
Master Sorcerer 40 Offline
Dash Dsn (Jango)
Knight 43 Offline
Dolly Guarana
Elite Knight 62 Offline
Master Sorcerer 38 Offline
Jaquera (Cocain)
Elder Druid 50 Offline
Monus (Putoamolemide23)
Paladin 47 Offline
Nizamik (Agressive)
Elder Druid 35 Offline
Oxygen (Lightbringer)
Elder Druid 33 Offline
Rockgyn (CaBeLo RoSa)
Elite Knight 46 Offline
Shad Nsd (DsN)
Master Sorcerer 58 Offline
Srk Boom Boom (Serko Dominator)
Master Sorcerer 53 Offline
No Hands
Shupapi Munano (Hijo del papa)
Elite Knight 62 Offline

Invited Characters

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