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Tibia-RPG is a slow paced custom server with nothing you have seen before. If you want to learn more about this server, join our Discord server its our main hub for communication


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    What is it?

    Custom made map with feels from the original map, everywhere you go you will see something you have experienced before with a touch of Pog

    You experience our server with 1 vocation, there are different ranks you are able to get when leveling up but everyone walks the same road

    Experience is slowed down, but boosted by your bestiary performance. Kill monsters, automatic tasks which gives you bonus EXP when reaching milestones like 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1 million. monkaS

    Every NPC has a quest for you, is it small or a questline its up for the player to find out.

    Map is interactable in many ways, levers work, there are sparkles and maybe even orions belt.

    Server is invite only, with a maximum online playerbase of 20. If you want an invite code, you need to fill in an application which you find in our discord server.


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