Location: Darashia (go to map)
a helmet of the ancients880000 gold
a daramanian waraxe2000 gold
a dragon scale mail50000 gold
a magic plate armor300000 gold
a guardian halberd11000 gold
a mastermind shield73400 gold
dragon scale legs700000 gold
a beastslayer axe3500 gold
a stonecutter axe540000 gold
a platinum amulet1000 gold
a ring of the sky30000 gold
an ancient amulet400 gold
an emerald bangle500 gold
a medusa shield8000 gold
a thunder hammer300000 gold
a griffin shield6000 gold
a tempest shield144000 gold
a blessed shield960000 gold
a golden armor30000 gold
a crystal ring200 gold
a pharaoh sword10400 gold
a winged helmet2200000 gold
a golden helmet2000000 gold
golden legs65000 gold
a crystal mace47600 gold
a demon shield30000 gold
a great shield480000 gold
a devil helmet3800 gold
a demon helmet22000 gold
an amazon armor48000 gold
golden boots2000000 gold
an orcish axe160 gold
a djinn blade7360 gold
a magic sword540000 gold
a silver mace112000 gold
a demon armor460000 gold
demon legs1178000 gold
a great axe500000 gold
a gold ring7000 gold
a naginata5000 gold
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