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  02 May 2021 - bearbeat

A big balance and tweak update has been rolled out affecting old items and monsters in the live version of the test server.

Obi (BUY: Removed Chain Helmet)
Norf (BUY: Blessing 10k > 5k)
* Obi
is basically changed because of the buff on Chain Helmet.. Remove the
possibility to buy it, increased sell cost to 120gp and tweaked
unobtainable blessing to a cheaper cost in preparation for phase 2.

Bandit (Balance/Loot)
Thief (Balance/Loot)
Outlaw (Balance/Loot)
Smuggler (Balance/Loot)
Cyclops (Balance/Loot)
Orc Warrior (Loot)
Orc Rider (Balance/Loot)
Minotaur Mage (Loot)
Orc Shaman (Loot)
Frost Trolls (Loot)
* In
prep for phase 2 buffs and nerfs of certain items were made. Which made
us tweak and balance several monsters. Thief will have a ranged attack
and drop a type of ranged weapon as well Bandits. Where Outlaw is the
old Wild Warrior (Melee) (changed name) company by Smugglers (Melee) to
act as melee fighters when encountered. Cyclops will be meaty with
higher HP pool but less defense making them easier to attack but longer
to take down, damage output is somewhat equal to regular cyclops and
also make their loot table more interesting for Phase 2 equipment
progression. Some monsters (Loot) has received some changes, for example
Orc Warrior now drop Chain Legs instead of Longsword etc.

Iron Helmet (Buff) (Arm:5 > 6)
Chain Helmet (Buff) (Arm:2 > 5)
Hatchet (Buff) (Atk:15>16)
Iron Hammer (Buff) (Def:10>14)
Carlin Sword (Buff) (Atk:15>18) (Def:13>16)
Long Sword (Buff) (Atk:17>20) (Def:14>18)
Battle Hammer (Balance) (Atk:24>20) (Def:14>16)
Battle Axe (Balance) (Atk:25>21) (Def:14>12) (Changed from Two Handed to One Handed)

reminder to everyone that since we're using TibiaScape files the
Defense values that is shown on the weapons are working as intended
which is also why in this update we looked into the different defense
values the weapons have so when progressing the tier it feels more

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